Video: Number 1 Reason to use only Coinbase for Bitcoin

What is the number one and most important reason, to select Coinbase over any other crypto currency exchange platform?

Very often people ask me, how they can get into Crypto currency and what is the best way to invest in Bitcoin? Especially now, since Bitcoin is down in a bear market, but everything looks all-set for a massive recovery and massive growth after summer.

I have been in the business now for a few years. I have used many different exchanges, wallets, cold storage, hot storage and read all about it. Especially the technical advantages and use-cases. In the end, like with all investing sites, you want to put your money with someone that you can trust, right? Someone that has a proven track record, offers great customer service when you need it and is just fast on payouts and deposits.
For me this has always been Coinbase, especially their mobile App and mobile websites are just awesome and very easy to understand and use. But what is most important as you are increasing your exposure and start owning more Bitcoin, is to know that your savings and investments are 100% safe. That is where Coinbase’s number one key differentiator comes to play. INSURANCE!
That is that they are 100% insured against theft, hacking and fraud. So whatever you put in, you don’t need to worry about your funds getting lost. You are insured and leading insurance firms have backed Coinbase’s assets. No other exchange offers this and this is why I don’t use hardware wallets, recovery codes or hide my bitcoins somewhere in an old cookie jar or my cats toilet where no one will ever look 🙂 There is just no need to… Because Coinbase works just like any other bank or investment firm, everything is insured.
Based on personal experience I can assure you they are fast, easy to use and the customer service is excellent. They pay out very fast too and process deposits fast.
I hope you found this article useful. Here is a free signup link.
Who do you use and what are your experiences with Coinbase? Are you just as excited and convinced as I am or you have had different experiences? I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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