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Here are 5 reasons that set Sony’s new Xperia XZ2 Compact phone apart from the competition and why I think this model and the entire Xperia line deserve a lot more attention. It is actually the perfect travel companion.

Ever since I got my first mobile phone in the late 90’s, I have been fascinated with the evolution and growth of the mobile phone industry. Back then my phone was an Ericsson GF768 which back then, was already quite a compact phone for its time. In between I followed the trend and my phones generally got larger and more intelligent. After owning I phones and switching back to Android, my latest phone was a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which I kept for over 2 years.

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What on earth made me switch back to Sony Xperia and why did I not buy another Samsung feature phone like the S9? The reasons are mainly non-technical and design driven. You know back in the late 90’s and early 00’s, phones were more personal. There were so many designs and colors to chose from. Nowadays everything looks the same and often producers of mobile phones tend to copy each other.

1. Perfect grip
The Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact fits perfect in the palm of your hand. The phone allows you to hold it firmly and have a strong grip. It is extremely easy to operate with just one hand. This is often not possible with other models from other producers. However the Sony Xperia XZ2 compact cannot be snatched out of your hands that easily and is also less likely to experience accidental drops.

2. One size fits all clothes
How often have you experienced, your phone falling out of your pocket? Most pockets just aren’t deep enough and phone are just becoming too large these days. The Xperia is the perfect dress companion and fits in all business shirt pockets, suit pants and jackets. It just slides unnoticed in anything and especially if you hold a work and a private phone, you can use the phone’s handy dual-Sim function to save a lot of space. I recently went on a business trip to the USA and it was just great not having to carry around 2 devices.

3. Material and style
I love phones that offer a unique style and have a personal identity, which can be recognized. The Xperia phones come in beautifully designed colors. None of these colors I have ever seen on any other phones. They are visible, but yet understated. However they do offer enough visibility to differentiate and make a statement. What is most important, is the material and finishing of the phones. The back of the phone is made out of a very high quality scratch resistant poly carbonate, with stylish matte finishing. It protects the phone from any scratching. Should the phone fall on a hard service, it won’t shatter to thousands of pieces like some of the Samsung and Iphones do that are all made out of glass. Neither will you see any fingerprints on it.

4. Pure performance
I find it amazing how such a small phone can deliver the same performance and specs, as some of the larger phones out there do. Even my latest Samsung work phone, does not perform any better than my Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact. The screen is amazing and very suitable for watching movies while travelling or reading an e-book on the go. Start using it, and you will see in real-life that only a very small difference in size means nothing when using the XZ2 Compact. The sound of this phone just blew me away. This phone has years of experience from Sony in the digital sounds and imaging and it shows!
5. Ultimate travel companion
What makes this phone my ultimate travel companion, is the superb camera and battery life that I get out of it. The phone’s battery is excellent. With very intensive use, I can still get 2 days out of it. The phone learns when you are most likely to charge your phone. Then optimizes the charging, so you will never overcharge your phone. It keeps the battery in perfect shape. This means a much longer healthy battery life and more reliability in daily use. The camera makes such great pictures and movies, that I have decided to get rid of my digital camera and use also the XZ2 Compact for my YouTube videos. One great feature of the phone is super slow motion, for which you can see an example video here.
Sony’s Xperia line completely won me over and impressed me with this new handset. It takes me back somehow, to those early days when my (Sony) Ericsson phones were indestructible and all unique in their kind. If you are looking for the perfect all-in-one travel companion and express a bit of personal style, the Sony Xperia line is just right for you.
So what do you think? Have you been using the Sony Xperia smart phones and do you share my opinion? Comment below, I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact on Amazon:

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