7 steps to become the “Donald Trump”​ in your office

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Are you tired of being managed by others? And not able to reach your own full potential at work? Do you want to be visible and recognized? And respected by your manager and colleagues in the office at Work?

In this article, I will explain how you can “Think like a Champion” at work. Inspired by Donald Trump’s book with the same title. I will explain step-by-step, what Trump means with his statements. And how you can apply them in your in the office and in your career. The Book can be found here

After reading this 10 minute article, you too will be Thinking like a Champion at work: Inspiring your colleagues in the office and setting new gold standards for others to follow!  

Rule #1: Develop a very big ego at work!

What Trump Means:

Your work is full of competition and there is a lot of noise. Everybody is trying to be better and smarter than the other colleague. Others are just trying to complete their basic tasks as good as possible, so they will get some bonus by the end of the year.

But If you really want to stand out and get noticed, you must develop a big Ego and Bold personality. That way, you ensure that you won’t go unnoticed and that people will talk about you.

How can you ever be recognized for your success and stand out from the crowd, without being noticed in the first place? Develop and love your new bold ego.

How you can do it:

Do exactly the opposite of what the masses and other colleagues are doing. Go against the tide and trust your gut. If everybody is pessimistic, be very optimistic and provide new ideas for a positive outcome.

Higher management loves to be surrounded by an optimist. Someone who believes in the common goal. Someone with a positive attitude. These people will stay with the company, get promoted and eventually start earning a lot more money. You must have a positive mindset or try to develop one fast.

Make sure, that you let everybody know about your successes and wins. Make sure, that people talk about you and the great things you are working on. Create an amazing personal brand and image around it. Some people will start hating you, but the majority will admire you and want to stay close to someone like you.

Think like genius and also convince people, that the ideas that you are working on are all absolutely amazing. If you keep on doing this and keep on telling yourself, what you are doing is fantastic, it will happen. And see… you have just created your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don’t give up, keep on believing and keep on pushing. You will create enemies, but these are simply the people that eventually become totally hopeless and desperate. Simply because they can’t keep up with you. The number of fans and sponsors of your new bold style, will easily outnumber the doubters and pessimists.

Rule #2: Your work is a very important asset…. protect it!

What Trump means:

People need to realize that their work is the most important strategic asset that they have. It pays your bills and enables you to live your life. Or to change your life later on if you want to. We cannot change that we need to work, but we can change what type of work we do, how we do it and what career we select.

Become great at what you do, enjoy it and develop a passion. Treat work like it is a form of art. Behave like the artist and set the standards for others to follow.

How you can do it:

Change your mindset: you must do the work everyday. You might as well do it the best you can. You will inspire others. Eventually you will start earning a lot more money. You will get an even better job, or gain many more responsibilities within your current job.

Study your job and think of ways to improve certain processes. For example, processes that have a big impact on earning more profits, or increasing customer satisfaction. Try to improve these two things constantly: money and customers.

Love what you are doing. If you can’t find pleasure and satisfaction in your job, your strategy should change into finding another job. A job that will provide that satisfaction. You will never be able to become successful, rich or make an impact, if you don’t love what you are doing.

Develop a passion for it, that is the key to success and what every person should know.

Rule #3: Have the right mindset on the job

What Trump means:

You must have a problem solving mentality. Your focus must be on finding solutions. Identify some problems every day, that require a solution. Think Big and not Small, about how these problems can be solved. Also, you have to know who is your audience. Find out their needs and offer solutions to your audience’s problems.

How you can do it:

Look everyday at your company’s procedures and processes. Identify areas where you could simplify the process and create simple effective solutions. Do this every day. And you will become a master at it. You will start seeing solutions to problems, where others can only see the problems. Or not see anything at all.

Stop thinking small and start thinking big. If you are going to do something, don’t do it just a little bit, but do it big immediately. Be confident and trust your instincts.

Evaluate what the outcome will be, of all the decisions that you will make. Both positive and negative. Play a scenario in your head. Don’t let other people’s negative thoughts such as “it won’t work’’ or “you will never make it” influence you. Have total self-confidence and keep pushing.

Always keep the big picture in mind. Where is the company going and what the strategy is. Think about how your decisions can contribute, to reaching this overall goal.

Know your internal and external audience and realize, how you can help them solve their problems.

Constantly provide new thoughts and insights, how your ideas can help solving your company’s problems. If you do this right and often, people will respect you more. Eventually people will start consulting you. They will start involving you, in all important decisions.

Rule #4: Think Big and Positive during a crisis

What Trump means:

During the most difficult times, you need to stay optimistic and think positive. You must develop an overall positive and “can-do” mindset, if you want to succeed. A negative mindset has never led, to any of the world’s greatest achievements. A negative mindset will have a bad impact, on your creative problem solving abilities.

How you can do it:

If everyone around you is thinking negative, think positive. Be optimistic. Do not let negative thoughts or pessimistic moods of other people, have any impact on you. Don’t allow these pessimistic people to influence you.

Stay persistent and laser focused. Think big and positive. Focus on solving the problems, one by one.

Create new insights and strategies, on how a crisis could be overcome. And how you can contribute to that in a positive way.

Turn unexpected negative events into positive outcomes. For example: If you are not looking forward, to attending a certain conference or business dinner. Then still try to get something positive out of it. For example: Talk to new people and make new connections. They might come in useful later on.

Start everyday with an attitude, that this is going to be your day. And that you are going to control this day. Do something special, unexpected, positive and do something remarkable every day.

Keep it up and you will start noticing very fast, how your new attitude will have an amazing impact. It will have an amazing impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem. But it will also have a big positive impact, on the people and colleagues around you.

Rule #5: Develop a fearless Nothing to Lose attitude

What Trump means:

Confront your fears. Overcome your fears. Make incredible comebacks, when everyone thinks you’re done and just keep on winning. Winners see problems as just another way to prove themselves, over and over again.

How you can do it:

Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable every day. For example: Talk to a member of the board, make a couple of very cold phone calls. Or just talk to a stranger on the street. Do this regularly and you will become more comfortable, with being uncomfortable.

Start perceiving failures and mistakes, as fantastic opportunities to learn. Realize that you cannot become successful, without failing at something first. Without mistakes we cannot learn and improve. Remember, by trying and failing at something, you are already miles ahead of people, that are not even trying at all.

Take criticism and learn from it. Accept it and find something good in it to learn from. But never let criticism change who you are. Learn from other people’s criticism and opinion. But do not let criticism change who you are. And let it change or minimize your bold style and personality.

Your ego and personality are unique. They are extremely important assets and what differentiates you from all other people. When criticism comes to you, sometimes you just need to nod politely and say thanks. But just throw other people’s criticism straight into the trash bin!

Never stop learning. Don’t invest in expensive courses or business schools. Just read well known eBooks. And learn from other very successful people. Find out what makes them unique and learn from these people. Apply it yourself and develop your own style.

Find yourself a mentor and someone that inspires you. Keep on following and learning from this person.

Rule #6: Adopt an underdog mentality & focus on the big picture

What Trump means:

Always imagine, that people are against you and don’t want you to succeed. Then come out of nowhere and be the winner. Fight and every time you get knocked down, get up again and fight back even harder. Set the standards for other people and lead by example. Keep your word in business and focus on the longer term. And keep the big picture in mind.

How you can do it:

Work hard but also work smart. Luck does not come out of nowhere, it is created and thrives on momentum. Question yourself with everything that you do, how it can be done better. How it can be done a more efficient way. And how it will have a positive impact on the company’s image, sales and most important: customer satisfaction.

Be patient and don’t expect change and success to come to you overnight. Realize that by being patient, persistent and positive, you will start driving the change and will get noticed. Eventually success will come your way and good things will start happening to you.

Set the standards for other people, by sharing your vision and thoughts during business meetings. Make sure that as many people as possible witness your thoughts, strategies and positive mindset. People will get inspired by your strong positive attitude and will want to have you around them.

Don’t be afraid to speak up load and make your voice heard. Claim your time slots during a meeting and use it well, to make sure your voice and opinions are heard.

There is no fixed formula for success. By reading books and understanding, how other people have created their own success, you will learn how to create yours. It is a natural thought process that will eventually get you there, to where you want to go in business and in life.

By keeping the big picture in mind, you will be thinking at the same level as the CEO. For example, think about how your decisions will impact important topics such as shareholder value, corporate image, sales and customer satisfaction. This level of strategic thinking, will separate you from the others and will go noticed over time. It will help you grow in your career, get promoted faster and earn a lot more money. And it can also help you to start up your own business and make it successful faster.

Rule #7: Surround yourself with the best people, but don’t trust them

What Trump means:

You can’t become successful and run a business, without a proper team supporting you. You can’t do it all by yourself. You need people. Make sure that you hire only the best and most motivated people, that share your vision. But make sure not to trust anyone. Be nice, be truthful and be a nice guy, but never trust your employees, coworkers, superiors or suppliers. You will eventually get surprised and caught off guard. And that can really hurt you, your team or your business.

How you can do it:

Don’t trust anyone, no matter how nice they seem.

Be paranoid with people and always explore the “what if” scenario. Ask yourself, whether someone could have a double-agenda and may not speaking the truth.

Question other people’s decisions. Are they doing it for the common goal? Or just for themselves?

Understand the hidden powers and networks within organizations. Why are certain colleagues friends and very close? Who can influence a manager’s decision making and who is really making the decisions? Who is hunting you down silently, trying to get your job? Who would do anything, to make you look bad?

You can’t overlook this type of stuff! You have to stay critical, assertive and question things constantly. Questions yourself, whether they are just as good as they may seem or not?

Understand that you can always be replaced and nothing is guaranteed. Never take your job, your coworkers, your business, customers and industry for granted. Everything can be replaced and economies crash over time.

Stay human during your quest for success. Don’t isolate yourself, but stay on the same interpersonal level as your coworkers. Be a nice guy too.

Be tough in business, but don’t take it personal. Work with people you like. Adjust and make friends with potential enemies. Do not avoid or isolate your enemies. This is only very dangerous.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Comment below, read the book and let me know your results, thoughts and suggestions for this and future articles. I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

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