5 reasons why you should invest in Ripple on Coinbase right now

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Yesterday I received the official notification from Coinbase, that they are adding Ripple XRP cryptocurrency currency to their trading platform. This is very important news and possibly a game changer for the crypto trading industry. Ripple is one of the few cryptos out there, that has a real potential, active use cases and a lot noise and hype around it.
I’m not a big fan of predictions and making a call to action. But here it is different. I remember very well when it was the right time to get in on bitcoin and when to get out. Therefore I highly recommend you to take a look at this and not miss out on the potential huge opportunity.
Here are my top 5 reasons why you should at least take some positions in Ripple XRP on Coinbase. I’m very confident that the value will increase substantial throughout 2019.

1: Scale  

Coinbase is the largest platform and the whole market has been waiting on this for years to happen. Coinbase’s enormous user base, global reach and reputation will push this currency to all time highs.

2: Partnerships

Ripple continues to release more news and press releases about successful big partnerships and alliances, which will have a positive effect on the price and draw in more investors.

3. Coinbase Pro

The availability of Ripple as an investment in Coinbase Pro, for professional investors and large amounts.

4. SEC Approval

It is unavoidable that we will see an SEC approval soon, about Bitcoin and crypto ETF trading possibilities. The market is maturing and this will create very positive momentum and new money streams into Ripple too.

5. FOMO Factor

Fear of missing out. People realize what happened to bitcoin and they can see the huge potential in Ripple. They will want to buy and get in, making sure that they don’t miss the ride and enormous potential for profits.
What do you think? I believe Ripple will grow to approximately 3 Euros / 4 USD before the end of the year.
I encourage and challenge everyone to open an account and buy some Ripple. And hold it until at least end of  2019.
Here is a signup link for your free registration on Coinbase.
I wish you good luck with your investments! 

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