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AMEX SkyTeam card: ROI analysis: Pure Profit, not cost!

Benefits I personally experienced so far in one year: >80.000 miles (excl. 20k signup bonus). 2* EUR 220 1st class German train tickets, after flight cancelled. EUR 800 rental car damage reimbursed. Free Business class upgrade on Delta. Priority check in + boarding, fast security lain, Discounted priority seats on plain, larger baggage allowance Discount and preferred rates at Hertz car rental and instant status upgrade


Playing high school football in Nebraska boosted my Sales career!

What do a busy sales career working for large multinational companies, have in common with playing high school football in a small town in Nebraska? This all of a sudden became clear to me, when I started analyzing everything I did exactly 20 years ago. And what positive impact this has had on my professional career in sales and personal life.