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AMEX SkyTeam card: ROI analysis: Pure Profit, not cost!

Whether you travel on business or on a well deserved Holiday with your partner after hitting your sales targets: you need a good credit card with high limit and fantastic benefits. One you can always rely on. That is why I select American Express…

After seeing this video, you will understand how to look at this KLM Air France (SkyTeam alliance) Platinum American Express card from a profit point of view, and not just the cost of the annual fee. And when I say profit, I’m not even talking strictly only about earning a ton of frequent flyer miles. Here’s why:

Some of the benefits I personally experienced so far in one year with the card:

  • Over 80.000 miles saved in one year, even excluding still the 20.000 sign up bonus.
  • 2* EUR 220 first class German train tickets, after flight was cancelled
  • EUR 800 rental car damage reimbursed
  • Free Business class upgrade on Delta
  • Priority check in and boarding, fast security lain
  • Discounted priority seats on plain, larger baggage allowance
  • Discount and preferred rates at Hertz car rental and instant status upgrade
  • I reached Silver status relatively fast and later on Gold status. Be sure to read my other article with some tips how you can achieve a higher elite frequent flyer status fast

So this American Express credit card eventually saved me a lot of money.

And it is true, during emergency situations American Express team does have your back. Their service is outstanding and personal. In the past I unfortunately had a couple of occasions where I required their support and the response was great. Therefore I have decided to remain loyal to them.

You can sign up for this American Express KLM Air France (Skyteam) credit card below via my link, and receive a nice discount and sign up bonus.

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Do you have similar positive experience with American Express or do you recommend a different card? Comment below and please share. Thanks for watching!

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