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Faster rich and successful thanks to 4 Donald Trump books!

How did I intimidate my competitors, gained respect from my colleagues, built great customer relationships, became a top negotiator, got promoted and got richer every day? Find out how you can do it too, by reading my 9 lessons learned, from 4 books written by Donald Trump. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of self-improvement and get-rich strategy books for sale. How can you select the right one? I decided one year ago, that I wanted to learn more from self-made billionaires and study successful people. Back then Donald Trump had just won the elections in the USA. I started reading more about this fascinating person and all the great things he has achieved in his life. I started to apply all of Trump’s advice in my own business and private life. I immediately started noticing a difference and so did the people around me.
I installed an eBook app on my smartphone and started downloading Donald Trump’s eBooks. The links below are to the books that I studied:
  1. Trump: Think Like a Billionaire.
  2. Trump: How to get Rich.
  3. Trump: Think Big, Make It Happen in Business en Life.
  4. Trump: The Art of the Deal
Here are the 9 lessons learned from my 4 Donald Trump book purchases. And why I think that everyone who wants to become rich and successful, should study these books.


1: Make bold statements and let everyone know about your successes

It is extremely important to let people know about your accomplishments. The more you share with your colleagues about your amazing accomplishments, the more people will start talking about you in a positive way.
If you don’t do this frequently, no one will know what you are doing. And it is hard to create and maintain a personal image and brand. You need to let people know what you are doing. You need to become a professional window dresser and talk bold about your accomplishments.
Trump’s advice has helped me to become more visible in my job. People respect me and my new bold lifestyle has improved my overall image.


2: Think Big like a Billionaire, surround yourself with winners and dump the losers

Trump explains in one of his books, that basically you have two options in life. You can think small or you can think big. “If you’re thinking already, you might as well think big. It is your choice”.
Through his attitude and his example, Donald Trump has taught me how to truly think big. And now I live a life of much bigger energy, much bigger goals, and much bigger income. My new attitude has boosted my self-confidence enormously. And naturally, good things started coming my way. And I got more and more luck on the way.

As Trump says, Thinking Big has led to all of humankind’s greatest achievements. Trump recommends that you display a big attitude in your personal and social life as well. Have a big attitude in business, but also in private life. Don’t let people stop you or try to change your behavior and this new big and bold attitude. Always think and act like you are someone important.

Hang out with BIG thinkers and get rid of the losers in your life. The losers that don’t believe in you, want you to settle-in and don’t want you to succeed in business and in life.


3: Think like a winner and dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Trump explains the importance of always making a stellar impression on the people you meet. Clothes and public appearance are a big part of that. You should dress for the job that you want. And not settle-in and dress comfortably, for the job you already have.
Although I live in a country and work in an industry, which is relatively business casual, I started suiting up formally for all my business meetings. Also more often on the job. Trumps recommendations have changed my public appearance and image for the better. I got a lot more respect from co-workers, customers and suppliers.
Also, Trump explains you should think like a winner and always act like a winner. This positive mindset and attitude has really helped me to accelerate my sales and negotiation skills. I recommend everyone to try it.
Think big and like a winner, be passionate, never give up and love what you are doing. You can create your own luck. The harder you work and the more fantastic you think about your own accomplishments, the luckier you will get.
It is absolutely true and a self-fulfilling prophecy… try it!


4: Invest in reading the news and studying other successful people

You must know what is going on around you and in the business in which you operate. The more you read and inform yourself, the better you can make decisions. And especially see potential opportunities and threats, before they can manifest.
I started reading Donald Trump’s recommended sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, The New York Times, Financial Times. This has helped me in making better decisions, but also improved me as a conversation partner in social gatherings and events.
The more you know, the easier it is to state your opinion and impress other people.


5: Focus only on what really matters, invest time in your creative ideas

I began focusing only on the top priorities, that generate income and those that are transaction/deal-orientated. I started delegating everything else and invested valuable time, in the creation and execution of new personal  creative ideas.
Trump recommends to focus on the top 20% of your priorities that generate income only. Trump explains that too many business people fail in becoming rich. It is because of lack of focus on the top priorities that really matter. The priorities that generate income or the creation and implementation of brilliant ideas.
Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Instead, focus and invest rather in your top priorities and ideas.


6: The importance of time and managing it properly


You should be very careful, how you manage your time. Trump explains that you can run out of money, but always start over again with earning back money. But when you run out of time, there is no chance to start over and time is gone forever.

As a result, I became more careful with how I manage my time. I adopted a fixed routine. I invested more time in useful activities such as fitness in the morning and read more books. I spent more quality time with my wife and family. I spent less time on watching useless TV shows, people or old friends. Old contacts, that don’t share the same mindset and just want to slow you down.
In business, I focused only on top money-making priorities first, before taking on anything else. I planned my meetings more efficient and saved a lot of time. Time that I could now spend on my new Big ideas and on the closing of my top Sales opportunities.


7: The Trump Mar-A-Lago special diet

Trump has a special diet created for him, by one of his personal Mar-A-Lago resort chefs. It basically means that you should eat something that: “has to look fantastic, It has to taste incredible and It cannot make you gain weight”. If you eat the best fresh foods and watch your waistline, you’ll begin to look and feel great in no time.
I started paying close attention to what I eat, drank less alcohol and started eating less junk food. Also I started walking more outside and exercising more.
It is not an exact copy of the Mar-A-Lago diet and I don’t share all of Trump’s food preferences, but the principles are great and I recommend everyone to try it! You will start feeling better and people will notice.


8: Don’t trust anyone, strike back twice as hard and always get even

In corporate life and in general in business, we are taught to avoid conflict. Not according to Trump. If someone strikes at you, for example when your colleague tries to steal away your sales leads or someone crosses you, you must always get even.
You don’t lay down like a dog, take it and accept it. You strike back twice as hard, threaten people and make sure it never happens again. You make the rules and you do not care what other people think about it. This is what Donald Trump is all about!
If you don’t strike back and get even, people will treat you like a dog. They will take advantage of you, over and over again. You will never gain their respect.
Strike back strong and fast and people will know that you are not to be messed around with. They will respect you and leave you alone.
Your colleagues may be your best friends and you think that you can trust them. But they will go behind your back, steal from you, lie to you and try whatever they can to improve their own situation. It is true, I have seen it happening many times. And it happened to me in the past. Do not trust anyone, only yourself and your own gut feeling.
As a result, my colleagues now treat me with much more respect. Once a colleague even asked for forgiveness. I did forgive this colleague, but I learned very well not to ever trust my colleagues again. Donald Trump stresses the importance to value loyalty above anything else.


9: The power of momentum

Trump explains the importance of building momentum, keeping it and how to monetize momentum when it is there. “When you start something new, you have no momentum. With every action you take and every task you complete you are
building momentum. When momentum reaches a critical mass, everybody is on ready alert and has you on their radar screens. When people see momentum, they want to be part of it”
I learned from this that in order to keep momentum, I have to keep challenging myself and get out of my comfort zone. To me for example, that would mean making some extra cold-calls. And participating in events and meeting, that normally I would never participate in. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I discovered that if you stop doing this, momentum will stop too.
Trump taught me the importance of momentum and how much money you can make from it. But especially how to cherish momentum. And how to make sure, that momentum will never go away. Simply by adjusting your activities and priorities
Never give up on yourself, your goals and your dreams. Keep pushing, stay tough.



Thanks to Trump’s strategies, I got much more self-confident. I now make a much stronger presence in public appearances and I am much more vocal. I dramatically improved my negotiation skills, started selling more and was closing many more deals than ever before.
I started spending more money on useful things. I began to look at purchases and spending money in a different way. Not just from a cost point of view, but from a return on investment point of view.
I scared a couple of colleagues, earned their respect and impressed customers and suppliers. I started thinking big and like a billionaire, in my business and in my private life.
Ever since, money has been coming in. I got a huge promotion and negotiated a top new job position. I started monetizing my own publications and began writing a book.
Actually, I wish I had read some of these books, while I was still studying in university. 
Have you read one of these books, written by Donald Trump? And did these books inspire you too and got you great results? Are there similar books out there, that you think are worth reading?
I am looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for your feedback and please share this article.

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