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Destroy your burn-out in 5 unconventional steps

Burn-outs caused by stress are trending. The number of people diagnosed with a burn-out, is increasing every year. It is a BIG problem. Not only for you, but also your partner, family, friends and for your employer. People that get a burn-out, are struggling intensively to come back. I have seen it happening many times around me. These people never returned the same, as they once were before. Do you think you are en-route towards a burn-out? Or are you also amazed and concerned with all the people around you, calling in sick. Or claiming that they have burn-out symptoms? And as a result, colleagues are pouring more work on your desk. Preventing you from focusing on closing deals or providing great customer service?

After reading this controversial article, you will understand why a burn-out is your own fault. Most important, why it is not your employer’s fault. I will teach you, what you can do to prevent a burn-out. And I will show you, how you can be stronger than ever before in your current job.

Rule #1: It is your fault

When someone gets a burn-out, it is very easy to just accuse the employer. That is simply not correct and totally wrong! Let me tell you why.

Often the people that get a burn-out, weren’t happy with their jobs. They hate their job, dislike their colleagues, feel stuck and simply don’t have any goals or motivation left.

Did you know that over 70% of people are not happy with their jobs? Over 70%! These people feel trapped and don’t have a game plan.

You see, burn-outs are most often related to someone’s own personal decisions and choices in life. If you don’t like it, then do something about it! Don’t be afraid to make a change and take some risks.

If you are still in that job and not making any improvement or change, you are responsible. You are responsible for lighting up that fuse and keeping that flame going. The flame which will eventually lead to what people call a burn-out.

Stop blaming your employer and focus on yourself first, before blaming others.

You are in the drivers seat and you control, where you are going with your life. If you are not happy, it is really time to change direction or switch vehicle.

Rule #2: Stop making excuses

I have seen this one over and over again. Many people are already a millionaire and don’t even realize it. They are a millionaire, when it comes to making up a million of excuses. All kinds of excuses, why they can’t accomplish their goals. Excuses for bad things that happen to them, blaming it all on other people.

Employees blaming their burn-outs on their colleagues. Blaming it all on too much work, too much pressure, too many tasks, too much stress, too many emails, targets too high. Too many excuses for everything!

They are masters at making up excuses and finding reasons for others to blame. But never to blame themselves for anything in life. They are refusing to face their own faults and underline the mismanagement of their own lives.

Stop making excuses and focus on only the things that really matter!

For example: The tasks that generate income or are directly related to your personal targets at work. Cut out everything else, that you are not supposed to do.

If your manager complains about your new bold attitude, you should be strong and push back. Explain to your manager, that you are not going to do useless activities that don’t contribute to achieving your objectives. Explain, that useless administration only distract you, from making more money and earn results for the company.

These are two very important topics, that you were probably hired anyways for in the first place!

Expect resistance in the beginning, but keep pushing and in the end, you will come out stronger. You will earn respect from your colleagues and managers.

Rule #3: Fire yourself or get fired

If you are part of that “over 70% group” that I mentioned earlier, get out of your job and switch before it is too late.

I have experienced this myself and it is so true: Sometimes getting fired is your biggest gift and blessing.

Use that opportunity to get out and spend your time on finding a job that really suits you well. A job and new challenge, that is rewarding and inspirational. Don’t be a hostage and slave to the comfort, of having a paycheck and a safety net. There is no such thing as safety net. A safety net = excuses not to follow through and make a change.

Believe me, when you start taking a job for granted. And when you think, that you are safe and secure. You will never see a potential organizational change coming and you are just not ready.

If you feel stuck, not taken serious or you have lost motivation and inspiration. Get out and fire yourself, while you still can.

Lack of motivation, goals, energy to get up in the morning and inspiration are all silent killers. You will get that burn-out sooner or later.

Rule #4: Focus on Money and amazing Customers

If you don’t know where to start prioritizing tasks. Start with this approach first, no matter what job you are in. Focus only on money and customers.

Think about how powerful and simple this is…. Money and customers.

Prioritize tasks, that generate or save a ton of money. Prioritize on providing great customer service and customer experience. This will keep your customers loyal and will enable them to buy more, because they are satisfied.

As a result, you will get a better annual review. And you will earn a lot more bonus, that you can spend on a well deserved holiday!

Focus on one task at a time and be a master at it every time. Throw all books about multi-tasking in the trash. Forget everything you have ever heard about multi-tasking. It doesn’t work, is not healthy and humans are not designed to multi-task.

Yes of course… You will face resistance at first, because of your new bold and refreshing approach. But remember, that we were hired as professionals in the first place, to help our employer accomplish these two things:

Earn lots of money and create a great customer satisfaction and experience.

Your employer and colleagues will eventually respect this. They will admire and acknowledge you, for your leadership skills.

Rule #5: Fight back hard and take full control

Focus on one task only. Don’t take any calls, don’t read other emails, don’t talk to other colleagues. If your colleagues are making too much noise, tell them to take it to the coffee machine or outside.

Tell them, that you can’t create great work, earn millions or win new customers. You can’t do that, while people around you are trying to pull you down or distract you.

The workplace is an environment for making great deals together, earning a lot of money and for providing great customer service. If we stop taking this seriously, we might as well go home right?

Make a list of priorities and goals every day…. and finish them every day. Delegate administration to others or back to your manager, minimize useless meetings and calls. Push back hard, fight with your manager about it and make yourself heard.

You need to be in control and show that you are in control. And do not let external factors distract you, from reaching your goals. You determine what your day looks like, with your new bold lifestyle.

You determine the course of the day. Only you will determine, when it starts and when it ends.

And make sure that when it ends, it really ends. And that you refuse to take anymore calls and read anymore corporate e-mails. Unless of course during rare circumstances, when you just have to be there. For example, when you are about to close a very big deal or there is a big customer escalation going on.

So now that you understand these principles, what can you do to prevent a burn-out? Here are my 10 personal tips, to help you get started.

  1. Focus on one task at a time and be absolutely great at it, forget low quality multi tasking.
  2. Invest in sleeping more and make rest a priority. Buy a great mattress like this one, with 100 nights risk free trial and free return shipping. You have nothing to lose and only better sleep and rest to gain.
  3. Turn off your smartphone at least 1 hour before going to bed. Setup a blue light filter so you will fall asleep faster.
  4. Do not read corporate emails when you get home
  5. Develop a morning routine, either with sports, meditation. Try all-in-one home fitness or cardio devices if time is limited. Make a 30 minute morning or evening routine out of it.
  6. Learn more about Mindfulness and how to master and control it, in under 8 weeks. It is super powerful. Mindfulness can help you cope with many things.
  7. Download e-books on your tablet and start reading books wherever you are.
  8. Eat more healthy and invest in fresh ingredients, more fruit and vegetables. You will start feeling great.
  9. Read and study great books and spend less time on social media, more time on self improvement
  10. Invest and spend more time with your partner, talk to them more and practice listening

Thanks for reading and please share this article. Together we can beat the burn-outs and start earning lots of money again and making our customers very happy.

Comment below with your suggestions and additional tips to add to this list. I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

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