Making a good first impression

In a highly competitive environment, it is extremely important to always make a great first impression on customers and employers. Clothing and public appearance are a large part of this. You have to dress for the job you want! And don’t get too comfortable and get dressed, for the job you already have! Read how you can do it too and how you can get more money and success.

Strengthen your image and appearance

Although we live in a country and work in an industry that may be relatively business casual in terms of attire, I advise everyone to dress more formally for all important business meetings. Put on a suit more often and wear a tie at work, conferences or at clients. This can really help you greatly improve your public image. You get a lot more respect from colleagues, customers and suppliers. The business clothing you wear will help you enormously and accelerate this process further.

Dress a little more businesslike than your colleagues

Always dress a level up and more businesslike than the usual norm. This way you always look better than the rest and you are always ready for anything. Your boss will also trust you more to work with large assignments and clients. Simply because you are ready for anything and everything and make a professional impression. You should always think like an absolute winner and behave like one too. Both at home and at work. This positive mindset and attitude can go a long way in helping you improve your sales and negotiation skills faster.

Think like a winner

Think big and think like a winner, be passionate, never give up and enjoy what you do! You can create your own happiness. The harder you work and the more you think and persuade yourself that all your own achievements are absolutely amazing, the more happiness and success you will get. It is absolutely true and a true self-fulfilling prophecy … try it out for yourself. It just works!

Book source

This is an excerpt from the book “The corporate sales winners guide” by Gerrit Jan de Vries. View the ebook and the paperback version on Amazon.

By Gerrit Jan

Hello my name is Gerrit Jan. I’m a freelance SEO copywriter, marketing communications and sales professional - Specializing in data center colocation, IoT and global connectivity.

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