Renault Zoe Bidirectional Charging Solution emergency backup power outageRenault Zoe Bidirectional Charging Solution emergency backup power outage

How to get backup emergency power from the Renault Zoe using an inverter

When you drive a Renault Zoe you are sitting on top of a beautiful and massive French EV powerbank. But how can you unlock all that power since this Electric Car does not support bidirectional charging? Here is my creative reverse DC to AC bidirectional charging solution. You can use your Zoe as a emergency backup power supply at home using an inverter, during off-grid camping or when travelling on vacation.

Below are the Amazon links to the products I purchased with my own money:

  1. Cigarette Lighter Cable 12 V / 24 V, Car Battery Clip-on
  2. GIANDEL Pure Sine Inverter
  3. AEG Portable 12 V Energy Station . Check out my detailed review for more information.
YouTube video: Renault Zoe reverse DC to AC charging solution for backup power – Unlock your French EV powerbank!


Do you believe this would work for your backup and emergency power needs? And did you ever connect a bigger inverter with 1.000 W or more, direct with wiring to the Renault Zoe battery in the front? Let me know in the comments. Follow me for more creative Renault Zoe tips like how to check Battery State of Health (SoH) on my site, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.


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