Turtle Wax Metallic Test and Review Video

After intense washing and polishing I wanted to make my white car shine one more time this summer! So I wanted to test and review something I haven’t tried yet called “Turtle Wax Metallic”, a PTFE liquid car wax. I have a white non-metallic painted car, so what is that going to look like on the 2019 Bolt EV / Ampera-e? Find out in my test video and if this affordable car product from Turtle Wax is a recommendation.

YouTube video: Turtle Wax PTFE Metallic Liquid Wax

Before I applied the wax I did a clay bar alternative treatment on my car. Here are the links to the products features in the video that I purchased on Amazon:

  1. Turtle Wax Metallic PTFE Liquid Wax
  2. Sonax 1837611 Carepad
  3. Dunlop Vehicle Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  4. Intco Medical Gloves

Here is the 1-month update video and final conclusion if Turtle Wax Metallic Wax is worth it. Do you notice the difference between a wax with PTFE or only Carnauba in it? Have you used this Turtle Wax Metallic before too and how long does it last? Let me know in the comments what’s your experience and review of Turtle Wax Metallic wax and other TW products you enjoy using.

By Gerrit Jan

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