Are you considering buying a new gaming keyboard but want more design and features? Then check out my 5 reasons why gaming keyboards are perfect for work in Microsoft Office. Experience the benefits for work, such as writing emails and typing in Word and Excel. Even if you don’t like gaming at all, a Gaming keyboard can be the best keyboard.

5 advantages and benefits of gaming keyboards

Here are the top 5 benefits and advantages of gaming keyboards, compared to regular keyboards for Office work.

1. The best backlit keys

The best backlit keyboards! That’s because gamers sometimes play in dark rooms or at night. It is important that the contrast between the keys can be seen well in all lighting conditions. Normal keyboards usually don’t have backlit keys. If they do have it, the light is usually too weak.

The backlight of these keyboards can be adjusted very clearly. All kinds of color variations are also possible. And once you’re away from your desk? Then that special RGB light show or cool pattern of illuminated keys looks very amazing. They are ideal for the visually impaired or people who like to work in a dark environment.

So from now on, consider buying a gaming keyboard for the best lighting of keys. They are ideal for evening work. The keyboards from, for example, the reliable brand Trust are affordable and have well-lit keys. The Trust GXT series is one of the best-selling keyboards of the moment.

2. The greater comfort

More and more people buy a Gaming keyboard because they are extra comfortable. These keyboards are popular for working from home because they are full size 100% keyboards. That means that you have the space and access to all key variants. The spacious numerical keyboard is also very pleasant to work for Excel. These keyboards are particularly responsive and give a pleasant click and feedback when you press a key.

Some mechanical gaming keyboards can be a bit louder, but there are also many silent variants available. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of a mechanical keyboard, but without too much extra sound through the keys. The Ornata keyboards from the well-known gaming brand Razer are particularly comfortable and perfectly suited for productive working from home.

3. The ergonomic design

Because gamers often spend hours playing, the best keyboards have extra ergonomic support for comfort. A good example is the wrist support that is almost standard on the best gaming keyboards. This allows you to spend hours focused on emailing, writing in Word or calculating in Excel. But without hurting your wrists and hands.

In addition, these keyboards can help reduce the risk of RSI. Do you want to buy an affordable gaming keyboard with a good wrist rest? Then check out the model below from Logitech, perhaps the best-known brand for keyboards.

4. High lifespan, sturdiness and spill-resistant keyboards

Gaming keyboards last much longer and can take a serious beating due to their sturdiness. Also, many keyboards are provided with a special protective UV coating. The best keyboards can even withstand moisture if, for example, you spill a drink over your keyboard.

Gaming keyboards often feature a sturdy aluminum body and frame, so they can take a beating while gaming. Often the best gaming keyboards are equipped with USB-A connections, because this increases the reliability and speed of these special keyboards. Redragon’s model is quite popular because it is affordable and some models offer good moisture resistance and sturdiness.

5. Multimedia shortcuts and programmable keys

When you’re done working or want to take a break, program shortcuts to your favorite music or video shows. The best keyboards are already equipped with various multimedia buttons as standard. In addition, you can play the best games from Xbox, EA and Playstation with a good keyboard. But then just directly from your own computer and keyboard.

These keyboards are perfect for anyone who uses their computer for both work and play. One of the most popular gaming keyboards with good multimedia keys is this model from Corsair: A global specialist in the field of high-performance keyboards. Also check out 5 reasons why more and more people buy a gaming laptop for work and study instead of a regular ultrabook.

The best tested keyboards for gaming and office work

Are you also convinced of the many advantages of gaming keyboards for working from home or work in the office? Check out the overview of the best tested keyboards for work and pleasure on Amazon. What is your experience wand what is your favorite model? Share the article and let us know which gaming keyboard you would recommend buying.

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