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Why buy a gaming laptop for work or study?

If you are considering buying a new laptop for work or study, discover 10 reasons why you should buy a gaming laptop. Because a gaming laptop is not only more powerful, but also looks much better than a normal laptop. A gaming laptop has a number of important advantages over all those normal and boring laptops or ultrabooks.

10 reasons and benefits of a gaming laptop compared to an ultrabook

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a gaming laptop instead of an ultrabook, as your next laptop for work or study.

  1. More powerful than normal laptops.  A gaming laptop has a powerful processor, graphics video card and other hardware. This allows this laptop to handle more demanding tasks like video editing and 3D rendering. A normal laptop often does not even have a real dedicated video card and gets stuck more often with heavier programs. Are you done working? Then you can do much more with the built-in powerful video card. Just think of what Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto mine in your spare time. Try that with a normal laptop or ultrabook.
  2. Portable. A gaming laptop is light and slim, but often a bit heavier and larger than a normal laptop. But it’s still light and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go. This is especially useful for people who need to work remotely or travel frequently for work. This makes it an excellent choice if you use the laptop often at home. But also looking for a powerful laptop on the go.
  3. Good battery.  Many gaming laptops come with a high-capacity battery that lasts for hours. This makes them ideal for working on the go. The battery can be replaced easily and cheaply. Whereas with a normal laptop or ultrabook, it is sometimes glued or not replaceable.
  4. High quality screen. A gaming laptop usually has a Full HD or 4K screen. Something that is perfect for designers, photographers and other professionals who need to see their work in high detail. Often the screens have a higher refresh rate. This allows you to watch and stream great movies in higher quality. They also have software with all kinds of settings to adjust the screen, for example with blue light filter and more intense colors.
  5. Comfortable keyboard. A gaming laptop usually has a comfortable keyboard. Often with extensive and very clearly adjustable backlighting. It is then much easier to work in low light. The backlit keyboards of gaming laptops are the best backlit keyboards. You can customize them in all kinds of colors and patterns. These keyboards are not only more durable and comfortable to type on, among other things due to special coating. These keyboards also last longer. They just look much cooler than a normal keyboard. Also read these 5 reasons why a gaming keyboard is better at office work.
  6. Excellent sound. Gaming laptops often have high-quality speakers. This is ideal for video conferencing or listening to music while working.
  7. Sleek design and design.  These laptops usually have a sleek and stylish design. That makes them a great choice for creative professionals, who want to make a good impression. For example, in meetings or presentations with customers. Therefore, it is excellent for anyone who is creative. Or just want something other than all those boring standard designs.
  8. Fast response time. A gaming laptop has a fast response time, which is important for tasks such as video editing or multitasking. It is also important that you can easily replace or upgrade many components.
  9. Lots of storage space and working memory. These laptops usually have large hard drives and a lot of RAM. They offer extremely large storage space for all files and all kinds of heavy programs. You can also easily expand and upgrade the internal memory. As a result, you are less likely to have to take out an expensive subscription for cloud storage.
  10. Future-proof. A gaming laptop is built to last, with the latest hardware and technology. This means that it will be able to process new software and applications. Every time new versions of Windows are released.

Best tested gaming laptops

Are you also convinced of the advantages of gaming laptops, compared to a normal laptop for work or study? Check out an overview of the best tested gaming laptops and the latest offers on Amazon. Do you have experiences with using a gaming laptop for work or study? Share them here and let us know which Laptop model you recommend for work or study!

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