How to clean static dust safely from car screen, dashboard, seatsHow to clean static dust safely from car screen, dashboard, seats

Dust clean tips from sensitive car interior parts

I discovered a fantastic way to quickly clean all dust from my car’s dashboard and infotainment screen. Simply by using a Swiffer duster you may already have at home. Here’s a short demonstration in my wife’s Renault Zoe electric car, so you can see how easy and effective this is at removing dust from sensitive leather and hard to reach areas. Please be careful that if you do the seat first there is a risk of small sand and dust particles to be already trapped in the Swiffer. So don’t go near sensitive areas afterwards like the Screen and do the seats at the end.

YouTube video: How to clean static dust safely from your car screen, dashboard and seats


Be sure to read how to wash of Sahara dust from your car without using water. Do you also use a Swiffer and what’s your tip to remove and prevent dust from building up in your car?


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