12V car vacuum cleaner by Hyundai test & review12V car vacuum cleaner by Hyundai test & review

Does my new 12V car vacuum cleaner suck? Hyundai test in my dirty Bolt EV / Ampera-e

Today I would like to review and test my new Hyundai 12V car vacuum cleaner purchase. I bought one because I don’t want to use public vacuum cleaners at the gas station or car wash anymore. They are banged up devices that often don’t work properly. They are dirty and people throw them around. And when you are just about done you run out of time and need more coins. With this device I can do it wherever and whenever I want. Why I believe this 12V car vacuum cleaner is different and made of better quality than standard unknown wholesale brands on the internet. Find out in my video below:

YouTube: Does my new 12V car vacuum cleaner suck? Hyundai 12V car vacuum cleaner test


If you don’t have access to power near your car, do you go to the gas station to vacuum clean your car or do you also use portable (12V) vacuum cleaners?


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