Sales targets and goals: Every salesperson has to deal with a sales plan in their career. It sets out the strategy and also sets out the targets for the coming year. The most interesting part is the commission plan: also called “sales incentive plan” or “sales bonus plan”. The words already reveal why this is so interesting: Here’s what you can earn extra, on top of your fixed salary! How to identify hidden opportunities to reach your targets faster and maximize your revenue can be read back in this short article.

Sales target and commission plan

In a good commission plan you can read what the sales target is and how you can achieve it. In addition, it describes which products and services you can sell and in which countries, by working together with foreign colleagues.

The most important part of the commission plan is the overview in which you can find out whether certain products/services are extra rewarded. Think of services that your company wants you to sell because they are strategic for the company. Sometimes it means that with these products you can earn two or three times as much bonus, or you can reach your targets much faster, if you manage to sell them!

Reach your sales goals faster

Your time as a sales expert is extremely precious! So try to see if you can sell these products as much as possible first! Try to link these products to your other products, which you can normally sell a little easier and faster. It is also interesting for the customer to order these products, if that can mean extra added value and discount!

How you do that is different for every salesperson and every industry. Chances are that your employer also has such a special package with which you can earn extra. This is your best chance to reach your targets faster during the year and earn so much more. So create your own strategy of how to earn more of these types of incentives!

Help write your employer’s bonus plan to achieve your goals

Doesn’t your employer have a plan like that yet? Then ask for it and explain why this is important for your employer. Tell him that it can help to convince colleagues to put extra focus on the sale of strategic products/services. This allows you to show your micro manager that you are proactively cooperating.

Maybe you can influence the commission plan and make it work even more to your advantage! It’s really possible! In my career I have given several inputs and helped to refine the commission plan. So it’s a great opportunity for you too and to influence the sales target setting.

Find hidden sales target opportunities to earn more bonus

Take home your commission plan. Read it often, highlighting important passages with a marker marker marker. Take a lot of notes and calculate different scenarios! I guarantee you that absolutely every commission plan hides hidden opportunities. Great hidden opportunities you can take advantage of to earn as much as you can and get your target much faster.

You really have to turn this document inside out several times! You have to read and understand this document to the finest detail. If you do this, you’re going to find all sorts of ways to maximize your sales target and revenue!

Book source

This is an excerpt from the book “The corporate sales winners guide: Transform your life and become a top sales performer” by Gerrit Jan de Vries. View the ebook and the paperback version on Amazon. What’s your experience with a sales target and sales bonus plans?

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