4 Kaltaquise Tipps und Cold Calling-Skripts für telefonischen Verkauf4 Kaltaquise Tipps und Cold Calling-Skripts für telefonischen Verkauf

Cold calling sales pitch tips

Cold calling sales pitch: One of the first things you learn when you start a sales career is cold calling potential customers over the phone with a script. But without a really good cold calling script for telesales, you can no longer reach the right people. The tips below and my four secrets for a successful cold calling sales pitch script, will help you in finding new leads and customers.

5 Cold calling script components

The following tips and my four secrets to a successful cold calling script will help you do just that. It is important that a pitch contains the following 5 components.

  1. A sales pitch should make the recipient curious about more information.
  2. A pitch must tell you about an opportunity and how you might take it.
  3. A pitch must provide unique added value, with genuine intent and information.
  4. A pitch must contain a proven “use case” about similar companies.
  5. A pitch must be told in its own unique, sincere, personal way.

4 Cold calling lead generating examples

To help you get started with cold calling and writing a script, I’ve listed some short lead-generating examples below. Here are my four favorite categories for a cold calling and sales pitch script, to trick companies by phone into making a personal follow-up appointment:

1. Increase sales.
2. Strengthen customer loyalty.
3. Reduce loss of turnover and/or image damage.
4. Cost savings.

Of course you have to adapt the sales pitch to your own story and to the unique proposition of your company, but with these pitches you can quickly determine whether there is a match or not.

1. Increase sales

“Good morning, you’re speaking to Gerrit Jan of company X. I’m calling you because I read an article by your CEO in the Financial Daily last night. In it he describes how he plans to increase the turnover of your company by 10%. I immediately looked up your contact details and I am so happy to speak to you personally! Would you like to know the three points I identified this morning that help us grow your company’s revenue through our technology? I can also give you some practical examples of other companies that we have successfully helped with a similar objective.”

2. Strengthening customer loyalty

“Good morning, you’re speaking to Gerrit Jan from company X. I’m calling you because our company has a solution to increase customer loyalty, which according to a recent article in the Wallstreet Journal is becoming increasingly important in your industry. I therefore have a number of concrete examples of companies, such as yours, that we have successfully helped to retain customers and thus increase the turnover of each existing customer. Can I discuss it with you and will it come? I’m sure this can have a big positive impact for your business.”

3. Reduce loss of turnover and/or image damage

“Good morning, you’re speaking to Gerrit Jan of company X. Yesterday I saw in the news that a major cyber attack has taken place. I read on your website that you have many online shops as a customer. Do you have time to hear briefly how we can always keep your business online and protect against these cyber attacks? I can then give you three reasons why our software is different and how it can help you prevent painful image damage and loss of revenue.”

4. Cost savings

“Good morning, you’re talking to Gerrit Jan of company X. Recently I met employee Peter Jansen, director of operations of your company, at the Business Now fair. Peter told me that the main goal is to achieve 10% cost savings by 2020. I have discovered some very interesting points, with which we can help you to optimize the distribution process. As a result, companies like yours have saved at least 12% of costs within one year. Do you now have time to discuss these points in person and see if we can help your company? In case it doesn’t come now, do you have time for an appointment next Tuesday or Thursday afternoon?”

Cold call cheat sheet for handling objections

Make yourself a small document with a left and right column. On the left, you can list all the objections you’ve heard. You’re really going to write them all down here. On the right, in addition to each objection, you make a summary of how you have taken the objection away.

This will be your reference book that you always have at hand. At some point, you can really manage all the objections on the phone! This “cheat sheet” is extremely important and will help you to gain more and more self-confidence.

Plus, you can share it with your competing colleagues! Of course not until you’ve blown your own trumpet and let everyone know that this is your initiative! You share this because you want to help colleagues become successful too! Make sure all micromanagers know this very well before you just give something away and share the document.

Benefits of cold calling

I hope the tips above have given you confidence, inspiration and courage. I hope you’ve gotten excited about the possibilities and benefits of cold calling and that you can now view phone acquisition in a different way. No longer think of cold calling as something evil, but as an opportunity to discover great opportunities and learn a lot.

A great opportunity to earn great bonuses and make beautiful new customers happy. Those customers will be grateful to you one day for calling them, for recording the phone and listening to your pitch! That you made sure they didn’t break off the conversation early!

Book source

This is an excerpt from the book “The corporate sales winners guide: Transform your life and become a top sales performer” by Gerrit Jan de Vries. View the ebook and the paperback version on Amazon.


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