The corporate sales winners guideThe corporate sales winners guide

How to become successful in sales and the best sales strategy

Are you considering a job as an account manager in corporate sales? Do you already work in business development and do you want to sell more and earn big bonuses? How do you find new B2B sales customers and a strategy to creatively negotiate a great deal?

Can you survive in a large company, where everything revolves around visibility, image, targets and performance? How will you deal with various types of managers and colleagues, who all want to achieve their target at your expense?

Strategy to find your dream sales job and grow your personal brand

In this book, I will show you why everyone should consider a job as a salesperson in corporate sales, how to apply and get hired.

I am going to show you a strategy how to conquer and defend your B2B sales position in the tough industry.

You will learn how to beat colleagues and competitors, recognize and manipulate different types of managers, and how to strengthen your personal brand. I will teach you how to avoid crucial pitfalls. All kinds of dangers, that would otherwise cost you a lot of time and money.

I will show you how you can have a successful meeting with any customer. Discover how you can still win complicated RFP-tenders.

I will give you tips and creative tools on how to close many great deals, by effectively negotiating and achieving your sales target.

Win deals and a strategy to earn massive sales bonuses

In addition to unique examples from recognizable practice, I will also show you a strategy how you can maximize your income from every sales commission plan. Discover how you can properly invest that extra income from all those sales bonuses. Thanks to a career in sales you can become financially independent much faster.

One of the best selling sales strategy books for starters, that will give you an unfair advantage over your colleagues and competitors.

This is the sales book that will make you enjoy going to work. A book that will enable you to earn a lot more money.

This book will change your life…. Starting today!

Book source

“The corporate sales winners guide: Transform your life and become a top sales performer” by Gerrit Jan de Vries. View the ebook and the paperback version on Amazon. Available in Dutch, English and German.

About the Author

I want to help you to become successful in sales much faster, by avoiding crucial mistakes that many salespeople make! I will teach you, how to get an unfair competitive advantage over your internal and external competitors. You too can enjoy the very best and most profitable career you could ever imagine…. Sales! Together we will maximize your commercial potential!

Gerrit Jan de Vries is an experienced business development and sales specialist in the field of data center and global connectivity. He has worked for international companies in various positions. Gerrit Jan likes to negotiate, make deals, solve complex problems, find new customers, help them and keep them satisfied.


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