best tire change rotate tips at homebest tire change rotate tips at home

How to change tire tires yourself at home?

Are you thinking about how to change a tire yourself to save money and time? Here is a 1 minute video with my tips how to change or rotate your car tires at home. Fast, easy and safe and it will help you to save a lot of money compared to going to a car dealer or garage.

Here are the Amazon links for the tools I have used in my video and purchased with my own money:

  1. Gedore Red Tire Changing Set
  2. Nigrin copper paste
  3. Hazet Steel Brush
  4. Dunlop Jack Stand 3t
  5. Masko 2,5t Hydraulic Floor Jack
  6. AEG Power Bank Compressor Jump Starter
  7. TPMS Tire Reset Tool
YouTube video: Quick tips how to change or rotate car tires at home


Be sure to check out the Best torque wrench buying tips for changing tires at home. Do you store your car tires at home and do you change them too? What’s your favorite hydraulic floor jack for lifting up a heavy electric car? Let me know your best how to change a tire tips and share them in the comments.

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