Nextbase dashcam installation in electric car

Bolt EV dashcam installation video

Are you considering buying a dashcam but wondering how to install one in your car? Here’s a short video on how to install a Nextbase dashcam in the Chevy Bolt EV / Opel Vauxhall Ampera-e. Easy, clean and without complicated wiring or electric connections. I have purchased this product for the Bolt EV on Amazon with my own money.

YouTube Video

I think that the Nextbase Dashcams are great for the Bolt EV and Ampera-e. They have up to 4K and 120 fps resolution and great front and rear view camera vision. After long research on Amazon I went for the Nextbase, because of the automatic built-in SOS eCall service in case of an accident. That makes some of Onstar’s paid functions redundant that have disappeared anyways here in Europe.

Here are the links on Amazon to the Nextbase dashcam and special cable clips that I have used for the cabling.

What is your dashcam and installation experience?

Do you own a dashcam in your car and do you prefer Nextbase too or a different brand with a similar small footprint? Is there another way to easily install one and run the cabling? Let me know in the comments below, share the article and thanks for reading.

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