Gedore Red Torque Wrench Tire Change set DrehmomentschlüsselGedore Red Torque Wrench Tire Change set Drehmomentschlüssel

Best German torque wrench and Gedore Red tire changing set

I am going to change my car’s tires for the first time myself to save costs during this stupid expensive inflation. I have invested my own money on Amazon in a complete set from German quality brand GEDORE.

Here’s a link to the complete set Gedore Red Set that I purchased on Amazon.

YouTube Video

Best calibrated and certified torque wrench (Drehmomentschlüssel)

I love the German’s and Germany’s focus on high quality which you can clearly see in the presentation of this set. Soon I will upload another video with my experience and pro’s and con’s of this tire changing set. And from now on I can also check and maintain my tire pressure at home.

Your experience with Gedore Red and other torque wrenches

Do you also use German torque wrenches or other brands that come with a certificate? Do you already change your car’s tires yourself and how do you store your tires? How often should you calibrate the wrench? Send me a message or write your experiences in the comments below. Follow me for my next video with a detailed review about the Gedore Red Tire Changing Set.


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