How to clean wheels without water using Michelin Expert Sans EauHow to clean wheels without water using Michelin Expert Sans Eau

Tips to clean wheels in your garden or on your apartment’s balcony without water?

We are in the middle of the fall/autumn season so it’s high time to clean my car’s summer tires alloy wheels before putting them for their winter sleep in storage. But how do you clean your wheels if you don’t have access to running water for example in your garden? For example in my small shed, or on your apartment balcony? Or if you don’t want to expose the plants and soil in your garden to car cleaning products?

I went to look for a cheap solution online and today I am trying out for the first time a waterless wash from Michelin Expert for cleaning my car’s wheels. Find out in this video if the product is a recommendation and how it performs. Here is a link to the product on Amazon I purchased myself and used in the video:

YouTube video: Cleaning my wheels without water on Sunday afternoon using Michelin Expert Spray Nettoyant Sans Eau


What are your best tips for cleaning wheels at home if there is no access to running (high pressure) water? Do you have a suggestion for a good product or tool for removing those nasty tar spots on my wheels without water? Let me know in the comments. Check out also my tips how to clean your car’s tires very cheap with all purpose cleaner.

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