Aquaplaning electric car: Tips for safe drivingAquaplaning electric car: Tips for safe driving

What should you do if you experience aquaplaning in an electric car?

Do you also wonder what the best thing to do in case of aquaplaning in your electric car? Discover what you can best do for safe driving, if you unexpectedly find yourself in a dangerous aquaplaning situation.

What is aquaplaning and why is it extra dangerous for electric cars?

Aquaplaning happens during or immediately after a heavy rain shower, between the tires of your moving electric car and the road. Due to the enormous flooding on the road, a thin layer of water is created between the tires and the road surface. You then drive on the water, so you no longer have direct grip on the highway. This can cause you to lose control of your car. It is actually impossible to prevent aquaplaning, but driving less fast is definitely recommended. Good car tires with more than the prescribed minimum tread depth can also shorten or reduce the effect of aquaplaning. Make sure you regularly check the remaining tread profile of your car tires for maximum safety.

What should I do in case of aquaplaning in my electric car for safe driving?

If you think there may be a risk of aquaplaning, it is important to turn off the regeneration / regenerative braking in your EV or hybrid car. Or if you cannot turn it off, set it to the lowest possible setting. In the event of aquaplaning, it is important not to brake strong, but to steer calmly and look in the direction you want to drive. If you suddenly start sliding and the car regenerates rapidly, this can increase the effect and danger of aquaplaning even more. So don’t accelerate and let the car slowly reduce its speed. If necessary, brake gently and continue to steer and look in the direction you want to go. You will then automatically notice that your car quickly regains grip with the road.

How can I reduce aquaplaning risk for my electric car?

I hope you found this a useful article on how to drive safely while hydroplaning in an electric car. I personally found that there was little to no information about aquaplaning and electric driving on the internet. That’s why I’d like to share my tips and experience with you. What is also extremely important are high quality windshield wipers that you replace at least every year. And especially premium windshield wiper fluid to keep your view of the road optimal. Also make sure that you replace your tires before the legal minimum profile has been reached. Every millimeter of tire tread profile counts when aquaplaning and this applies to summer, winter and all-season tires.

What are your aquaplaning tips for safe driving in an electric car?

Have you ever experienced aquaplaning in an electric or hybrid car and how did it end? Share your tips and experiences here with other readers. Check out also my 6 tips to save money on EV maintenance.

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