Black ice warning driving tips in electric car: EV winter safety tipsBlack ice warning driving tips in electric car: EV winter safety tips

Why you have to be extra careful when driving an electric car in icy winter conditions

If there is black ice on the road, a special warning applies to drivers of an electric car even with proper winter tires. Because with enormous power and weight, electric cars react differently than normal cars on slippery surfaces. Do special winter tires or all-season tires help in icy conditions? Discover what you should and definitely should not do when driving electric during icy conditions and how you can prepare. These are my own tips and experiences after thousands of kilometers of electric driving in a Chevy Bolt EV through winter weather in Eastern Europe.

When is there a black ice warning?

Black ice forms when rain or damp fog hits a frozen road. The moisture then freezes immediately and a thin layer of ice is formed on the road. The tricky thing about black ice is that it is often barely visible and appears out of nowhere. Sometimes you don’t see it. This makes black ice extremely dangerous.

Do all-season or winter tires on my electric car help with black ice conditions?

If you end up in black ice conditions, all-season or winter tires won’t help much. With summer tires it is absolutely dangerous to drive on black ice. You should absolutely not drive on summer tires during snowfall and especially icy conditions! Good all-season and especially winter tires have a special profile. This gives you more grip on the road faster. An icy situation with winter tires lasts shorter and is less severe compared to summer tires and all-season tires in particular. Make sure that your car tires have sufficient residual tread and measure this regularly at home with a tire tread meter. For winter tires on your electric car, the limit for optimal performance and safety is a maximum of 4mm residual profile.

What should I do immediately in the event of black ice when driving an electric car?

Are you on the road in your electric car when there is an ice warning? Then immediately switch off the regenerative braking / regeneration in the electric car. In icy conditions you want to prevent the car from braking on its own. Regeneration when driving in eco-mode or B-mode in electric cars enhances this effect. In addition, it is important to keep extra distance and drive slowly because of the extremely long braking distance. If you are sliding in icy conditions, make sure that you do not steer frantically, but remain calm and try to brake very carefully in a measured manner.

YouTube video: Electric car on BLACK ICE warning – EV driving safety tip on frozen winter road

The very best safety tips besides turning off regenerative braking/regeneration are still to leave your electric car parked during icy conditions. Try to postpone your trip. Because even if you are extra careful, there will still be other road users who are less well prepared during an ice warning. Ensure good and clear visibility by using quality windshield wipers and replace your car wiper blades regularly. In addition, a premium windshield wiper fluid is also highly recommended.

What are your tips and experiences for electric car driving in icy winter conditions?

Have you ever been on the road with an electric car during an icy code orange or red warning? Share your experiences and tips below with other readers about how to drive safely electrically during icy conditions. Also check out also my 6 tips to save money on EV maintenance.

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