Maximaalski is inspired by the Dutch word “maximaal”, which means “maximum” or doing something “to the max”.

The word “Maximaalski” does not exist in Dutch language, so I created it myself. Because Maximaalski goes beyond maximaal.

It reflects my own personality, style and ways of working:

  • Being bold and passionate with everything that you do
  • Not giving up
  • Winning
  • Exceeding expectations.

I learned these key principles years ago, when I played American Football in the United States of America. And thanks to these “Maximaalski principles”, I became very successful in my personal life and professional career.

For many years, I am working with some of the world’s greatest Customers, in telecommunications and data centers.

What I enjoy the most, is helping my Customers to select the right data centers and connectivity services. And finding new business opportunities, negotiating and winning new complex deals.

I would like to invite you, to contact me and discuss together, how I could support your business with:

  • Sales and new business development (direct and wholesale)
  • Market research and new market entry strategy
  • Data centers (colocation, hybrid cloud connectivity strategy)
  • Interconnect (new carrier NNI, peering)
  • Global connectivity (carrier selection, connectivity strategy)
  • Commercial contract negotiations (RFP, contract renewal)
  • Professional content writing

In the contact details section, I will also link to my profile on LinkedIn. Where you can see my full professional experience, case studies, customer references and recommendations.

And because my other passion is writing creative and professional content, I will publish my personal blog articles and books.

Personal articles on sales, data centers, telecommunications, investing and and books that will help you grow and earn more money.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Gerrit Jan de Vries

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