smarttag alternative for GPS tracking to find a stolen car

How to recover and find a stolen car or bicycle?

Are you looking for a GPS tracker or smart tag to find a stolen car or bike? Then discover 4 smart tags as an alternative to an expensive built-in GPS tracker. These are the 4 best smart tags with a worldwide Find Network that you can buy online.

4 Smarttag providers with a global Find Network

These different smart tag providers all offer a global Find Network. With the help of millions of smartphones, you always know exactly where your smart tag was last seen. You can also follow the movement live and see the last places where your object was last spotted.

1. Chipolo One Spot

Chipolo smart tags have been developed in collaboration with Apple. The Chipolo smart tags are an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone but wants to use the global Find Network of iPhones. And Chipolo smart location tags are available in all shapes and sizes. With a small investment you can secure your car. You can always find a stolen car with the Apple Find Network. Anywhere in the world. A Chipolo smart tag is inexpensive and easier to install than special GPS trackers that track via GPS. Chipolo works on Android and iPhone smartphones. Chipolo is therefore the alternative on Android for anyone who does not have a Samsung or iPhone.

2. Tile Mate

Tile offers various smart tags and location trackers with which you can find everything. From lost suitcases and keys to your car. Tile offers smart tags with a non-replaceable built-in battery that lasts about 3 years. In addition, there are also more advanced Tile tags available with a replaceable battery. Tile also has a global Find Network, but works with Amazon to do so. As a result, Tile’s worldwide network coverage is slightly less extensive. Especially compared to Apple or Samsung. Nevertheless, Tile’s tags work very well and Tile has a nice app, which is available on Android and IOS. Tile is much cheaper than expensive GPS trackers that you have to have built in and charge monthly costs for GPS tracking.

3. Samsung SmartTag+

Samsung has had two variants for several years: A SmartTag and a SmartTag+. They are very popular with people who have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Also, the tags are not expensive. The + variant has the largest range and also works with the global Samsung SmartThings network. The big problem with the Samsung SmartTag is that it only works with Samsung smartphones. Are you switching to another brand? Then your smart tag at Samsung is suddenly unusable. So, pay attention to this and take it with you as a consideration if you want to buy a Samsung SmartTag. Samsung SmartTag and the SmartThings network are a very good alternative to expensive GPS trackers that only track via GPS. Read here how a Samsung Smarttag works in an electric car (Chevrolet Bolt EV / Opel Vauxhall Ampera-e) and can partly replace an expensive Onstar subscription.

4. Apple Airtag

Apple Airtags are extremely popular with iPhone users. Not only do they look great, but they also work fantastic. Apple Airtags are a lot more expensive compared to Chipolo, Tile and Samsung. The small Apple Airtags can easily be hidden anywhere. For example, in your car, suitcase or bicycle. Through the familiar Apple ecosystem you can easily follow and find those Airtags. The worldwide Apple Find Network ensures that your Airtags are always “seen” somewhere in the world. In our opinion, this works much better than expensive built-in GPS tracking equipment. After all, there is always someone with an iPhone, within a distance of a few tens of meters from your Airtags. Apple Airtags are the best smart location tags for iPhone owners to track a lost or stolen car, key, suitcase or bicycle.

The best smart tag tracker as an alternative to GPS tracking

The best smarttag tracker as an alternative to GPS tracking is the Chipolo. This brand has a worldwide Find Network which is supported by millions of iPhones and Apple users. But the big advantage of Chipolo is that you don’t have to keep buying an iPhone to use your tracker. Do you buy a Chipolo smart tag and switch phone brands? Then it does not matter which brand of smartphone you buy, because your Chipolo will always work on Android and IOS from iPhone. There is no ecosystem lockin like with Samsung or Apple. Please also read 10 examples of why you should buy and how to use Apple Airtag or Smarttag in another article.

Experience with smart tag as an alternative to GPS tracker

What is your experience with using and tracking smart tags from Apple, Samsung, Chipolo or Tile? What do you think is the best smart tag as an alternative to an expensive and complicated GPS tracker and GPS tracking? Have you ever used a smart tag to find and locate a lost or stolen car, suitcase or bicycle? Let us know below, share your comment and the article. From now on, let’s all use a smart tag to track and retrieve lost or stolen items!

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